Our story as a company is a story worth telling: the foundation and strength of this company has become very important at a national level, which we are very proud to say has made us more and more stronger day by day. This is a story built from the bottom to what we are now, where restrictions have never been an obstacle, on the contrary, has been a challenge. Thanks to the hard work and determination of the mindset and ideas that have made this A Dream Come True.



Behind every great idea, there is always a man with big dreams, in our case, two. They were the seed that gave way to what we as a company have become: musicians, born entrepreneurs and pioneers in their field, giving us their values and visions for our future generations. Leaving also a legacy which still exists and till this day still learning.

It all started thanks to Mr. Jesús Olvera Patiño (1910-1969), a native of the city of Zitacuaro, Michoacán. A great business man and musician all his life, Mr. Jesús opened the first store for Musical Instruments in the state of Michoacán. In 1965: “Casa Musica Olvera” (Olvera Musical Store) was introduced, for which initially specialized in wind instruments and their accessories. The store was located near the Old Market of San Agustin in the old historic center of the city of Morelia. Mr. Jesús also had a repair shop specializing in wind instruments which quickly grew, not only in clientele but the city of Morelia and the interior of the municipality of the State.

Mr. Jesús formed a family of 4 children, which the youngest of them, Antonio Olvera Benitez (1944-2009), was going to continue with the tradition, inheriting the Love for the Music and Craft. In 1969, Mr. Antonio Olvera, upon the death of his father at the age of 59, continued the business giving it a unique style and spreading the word through out the State of Michoacan. With a charismatic and multifaceted personality, he was always surrounded by good friends, the vast majority of them Musicians, who knew they could count on him in their good days and their bad. These where the friends he knew would stay by his side till his last days.  Listening to the needs of the all musicians such as in: wind instruments, accessories, guitars, amplifiers, speakers etc., and that they could only be purchased in the City of Mexico or Guadalajara stores such as “Casa Veerkamp” or “Casa Wagner”, takes the initiative to start distributing these types ofinstruments in  his own store “Casa Olvera”, so local musicians could purchase this items without the need to travel outside of the state. In the mid-70’s, Mr. Antonio’s vision went further and began to add more product to his inventory traveling to the United States, specifically the border of Laredo, TX., and later the City of Los Angeles, CA., through the famous House of Music “International House Of Music” better known by the Latin musicians as “La Casa Del Perro”  

Because of his passion for music and business, Mr. Antonio decided to take on another big step in the history of “Casa Olvera” and completely move the business to the United States, where he had already made many friends and costumers. And in 1993 was where the name “Casa Musica Olvera” was completely transferred over to its new administration and new name. A year later, in 1994, with the help of his 4 sons, embarks on the new adventure in the City of Los Angeles where the store would take its now current name: “Olvera Music”.

Mr. Antonio, despite the distance, he never once the felt it was enough, and so he decided to make another big move. In 2006 he returned to Mexico and opens a store in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. A city for which he always saw great potential, despite the huge competition he had just in front of him. This did not make him think twice of the decision he made on the contrary managed it so well he knew he had to move forward. Still exciting till this day, Olvera Music has not only serviced the city and the State, but all throughout Mexico, Latin America and Spain.In 2007, due to the great tool the internet has become for business, Olvera Music launches its website www.olveramusic.com, which currently provides service to all E-commerce across the U.S., Canada, Latin America (excluding Mexico) and Europe. On July 2, 2009, at the age of 65 years, Mr. Antonio Olvera passes away, victim of a terminal illness, which left many dreams unfulfilled. In that same year, his sons, musicians at a very early age, visionaries and entrepreneurs like their predecessors, take over giving it a new direction and a new philosophy. So as of 2011 here in the United States Olvera Music becomes “Olvera Music Corporation” and in that same year launches another website www.olveramusic.com.mx, which provides service and attention to all of the Mexican Republic.



48 years later, our company continues to grow, giving our customers the service they need with all wind instruments and accessories providing them with best and high end name brands around the world, which has allowed us to become leaders in the market, with the preference of many clients around the country. As a family of 3 generations and all musicians, understand the needs of each and every musician and this is what has distinguished us throughout all these years. Changing lives of others through music is our most important mission. An essential part of our company is also the human quality and love of helping others, helping nonprofit organizations such as "Parents Against Cancer", for example, American Organization that helps children of Hispanic origin who suffer from this disease and their families.

An internal part of our success is due to the perseverance and the vision of the founders and initiators of this big dream, which has grown and gotten stronger in recent years. With a reliable and dedicated team our story continues. We would be nothing without you, our loyal customers. Thanks to your trust and loyalty throughout all these years, we look forward to serving you for many years.

Olvera Music Corp. 2013